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New video for the new song ” You”

Painstaking everyday life – this is exactly what makes up any way of creation, creativity. It is not enough to compose a beautiful soulful text and find a rhythm catching the soul for it. Filing is what today plays, if not the main, then one of the leading roles. The age of the sunset of
television and the burgeoning internet is a century of images, sometimes metaphorical. A huge amount of hit songs nowadays crashed into the memory of listeners not only because of the text or the bat, but the magnificent video sequence, so to speak, the created atmosphere.
In the modern world of music it is almost impossible to find such an artist who would not record videos on his own compositions. On the contrary, almost everyone strives to make a high-quality video series for the composition that, in his opinion, will touch the listeners’ soul and their heart.
On November 10, Tyler starts recording the video for the song “You”. Her audience is expanding every day due to the soulfulness of the singer’s compositions, their melodiousness and stunning performance, coming from the heart. The video promises to be as amazing and
unpredictable as Tyler herself.