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Visiting Diana Williams

Tyler’s creative life doesn`t stand still. Soon she will be taking pictures in the open air with one of the New York photographers. In the process of shooting will be reflected the splendor of golden autumn, which is one of the most generous times of the year when you can sum up some results.
However, our talented performer and isn`t going to be lazy! Indeed, at the end of October, she is waiting for one of the most amazing meetings of this year – a conversation with Dayana Williams, who is not only a journalist and a public activist, but also a professional in the music industry, in particular radio. Dayana is a co-founder of such a nonprofit propaganda organization as the International Association of African American Music Foundation. Williams is currently conducting a weekly broadcast, Soulful Sunday on Radio One 100.3 WRNB from 10:00 to 15:00.
As CEO of Influence Entertainment, a media consulting and design firm, Williams leads sports celebrities such as ASAP Rocky, Usher, Michael Vick, Erykah Badu, Mary Mary, Justin Bieber, Keke Palmer, Ne-Yo, The Dave in sports and entertainment arenas. Matthews Band, and Rihanna.

The heartfelt conversation between Tyler and Dayana, who her wards call as a coach only, will be held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York. It is located on top of the Time Warner Center multifunctional complex within walking distance from Central Park. The hotel’s Asiate
Restaurant offers stunning views of Manhattan. Meeting Dayana and Tyler says that the growing popularity and amazing creativity Tyler doesn`t go unnoticed. Its development and success are seen and noted by such professionals as Williams, which can already be written into the list of big steps towards worldwide success.

Just a few days left before the historic meeting!
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